Quantize, the Case Management Tool for HSE professionals. close

HSEQ Case Management System

Quantize®, our web-based platform offers a systematic approach to many day to day HSE challenges, based on either templates created by you using Quantize® or our existing suite of online templates. Rather than relying on time-consuming and inaccurate paper-based tools, HSEqms enables you to create your own templates and forms for any HSE case, scenario or project and across any regulatory jurisdiction.

Quantize® runs as a Java-based SaaS, and works across Microsoft Windows, Apple iOS and open-source Linux operating systems.

How it works

  • Select or create your HSE case or template from the template library
  • Gather the necessary HSE information needed to populate the template
  • Create your project and sign-up multiple users
  • Analyse, verify and approve the information
  • Enrich and store the HSE information in our Tier-1 accredited hosting facility
  • Receive automatic status updates and alerts and get easy and comprehensive reporting


  • One database containing all related HSE documents , studies and actions
  • 100% substitute for paper-based documents and procedures
  • Comprehensive HSE quality management and compliance system (e.g. for ISO 9001)
  • Full management of all documentation, activities and actions
  • Having all relevant HSE information immediately ‘at hand’
  • Change management (with embedded MOC principles)
  • Links to relevant laws and regulations
  • Embedded quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) principles
  • Pre-configured review and approval cycles
  • Automatic creation of legal HSE files and hand-over information
  • Reporting tool, with built-in audit trail & log register
  • Tier-1 hosting, exempt from US Patriot Act oversight

Key Benefits

  • Focus on content vs. administrative work, for greater efficiency and fewer mistakes
  • Create cultural changes around HSE behaviours
  • Compliancy with ISO norms and HSE certification processes across multiple judiciaries
  • Continuous HSE improvements built in
  • Structure and complexity is fixed within the application, not by individuals
  • Efficiency in communication with all project participants
  • Easy GAP analysis on HSE status
  • Move away from the paper- and Excel-based processes


Quantize® is set up with a number of pre-configured user types, covering all the stages of any HSE project:

  • HSEQ manager: a specialist for the activities of an HSE project or case
  • Project manager: overall responsibility for the HSE project or case
  • General manager: a senior executive provided with the relevant HSEQ business information
  • General user: responsible for providing relevant documents or related actions
  • Regulatory authorities and third-party users: external portal access, with similar rights as general users
  • Administrative and more detailed IT users
  • Other users can be easily generated if needed

Work process

HSEqms based Quantize® on a pre-defined work process: Template -> Configuration -> Execution -> Reporting & Compliance.

1. Template

The template builder allows HSE professionals to set-up the necessary templates in accordance with the pre-defined structure, without the need for specialist technical skills. Templates can be configured from zero, re-used or uploaded to the system using the dedicated tool.

2. Configuration

By completing the configuration of your HSE project, you are ready to start the execution of the next project phase by assigning the roles, responsibilities and users, and creating the actual HSE projects from the templates.

3. Execution

During execution, the system submits the various tasks to the users’ inboxes. Every user has their personal inbox in which their assigned tasks (such as reports, activities, reviews and actions) are stored. This provides every user with a clear view of the tasks to be performed, their due dates and the related information to complete their tasks.

4. Reporting and Compliance

Quantize® offers multiple pre-configurable reporting tools and functionalities to make it easy for all user to report important business information.

This work process (Template -> Configuration -> Execution) enables you to improve continuously. While executing a project, you’ll also learn about the detailed work processes which can be used and saved as a new template and eventually shared within the HSEqms community.