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A HSEQ Management Software Tool, why?

Our Frustration became Our Success

HSEqms is the direct result of the founders’ need for a specific HSEQ tool to suit the modern world of decentralised working, paper-less processes, bring your own device and industrial-strength web services.

Quantize® was actually developed just for us, for our own business needs and HSE projects that we were managing. As the founders of HSEqms, we were initially looking for an HSE case or project management tool that met our criteria, but we couldn’t find anything. We wanted a solution that would move us away from the usual suspects and would guarantee less administration and pointless reworking, regardless of time or location.

Gerard Sirks, one of the founders of HSEqms, truly believes in his adage of “Safety = Quality = Asset Integrity = Production”, which is strongly embedded in the HSEqms philosophy and is always the firm basis for Quantize®.

We Did What We Did

So, finally, we just did our own thing. In 2013 we initially launched Quantize®, a case management solution that could take advantage of the flexibility of open source software while enabling us to adapt it to our own needs and those of our customers. While primarily providing a comprehensive tool to create, manage and report on HSE projects, now HSEqms also supports our community with a platform for sharing, selling and buying HSE knowledge, templates and content, and enables individual HSE professionals to build their own sustainable businesses.

HSEQ Management Software ToolThe HSE Case Management Tool.

We were very pleased with the end result and, encouragingly, our customers wanted to carry on using the solution even after we had completed the project. Consequently, we decided to share Quantize® with our peers to make the world a bit better and safer every day.